Do They Serve Nuts on this Transfer Flight?

They do, now.

I happened to get out of bed less than two minutes after Mythic made their post on the Herald about the availability of transfers.  Sometimes being lazy pays off, as I had decided to get an extra hour of sleep.  Stop looking at me that way, I’m on second shift until Friday!

Anyway, I snuck in and managed to transfer two characters off of Ostermark before the system became so slow that it stopped responding.  I guess the server is being bombarded by transfer requests.  However, Koljarn made it out!  As I write this, he is standing in the Praag warcamp on Vortex.  So, the first step of the transfer is complete – getting there.

Since the guild I had joined did not transfer to Vortex (indeed, most of Ostermark seems to have chosen to transfer to Phoenix Throne), I have to go through the whole process of finding a guild again.  Belus, of course, is in a guild on this server, but I am going to play it cautious.  I rather like the guild that Belus joined, but they apparently have a poor reputation among some people.  It’s time to get serious and determine  what the real story is behind the comments and rumors – a grain of truth or just sour grapes.

Postcard from Vortex

Postcard from Vortex


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