Rambling on about Guilds… Again

So, new server!  Well, mostly new.  I have been there for a little while, but I haven’t set foot out of tier 2.  Anyway, I am looking around at the different guilds, and I came up with a few thoughts on the topic of guilds in general.

Guilds in WAR are very different from guilds in WoW, CoH, and most other MMORPGs.  I’ll give you a moment to sift through those abbreviations… got it?  Good.  Guilds in WAR, much like DAoC, are much more of a political entity.  Your guild is  going to interact with other guilds, the question is: how?

Small guilds have a nice, cozy feel, especially if you form one with a circle of friends.  As they are a small  guild, they really have to form an alliance with other guilds in order to enjoy the PvE content of the game, or take part in large-scale organized RvR.  Being a small guild, they don’t carry a lot of clout.  Any alliance that they join is likely to drag a small guild along with them whether they like it or not.

Large independent guilds give you a feeling of autonomy.  They get as large as possible in order to have a player base so diverse and numerous that they can do things in a game without the assistance of anyone else.  It sounds good, but there is a downside: large guilds like this alienate all the other guilds on the server.  The large guild generally feels apathetic to the other guilds out there, and that apathy is returned.  Also, other guilds are very sensitive to comments made by large guilds, and it is very easy for an offhand comment to escalate into a full-blown feud between guilds.  (yeah, I know – childish behavior for a video game, but it happens)

Finally, we have to medium to large guild that joins, but does not necessarily lead, an alliance.  This is the sort of guild that I like in WAR.  It may not have the manpower to tackle everything like the uber-guild we just talked about, but you’re not ostracized, either.  As a matter of fact, other people from other guilds and alliances are probably happy to hang out with you, whether it’s doing RvR or PvE.  You may not have all the characters you need to run an instance or form a balanced warband on the spot, but you probably have most of them online when you want to start something.  This means that more of the game’s content is readily available to you.

Although I prefer the last type of guild, personal preferences do vary between players.  You’re going to have to decide for yourself what you prefer, but my point in this post is just that you have to be aware of the inter-guild politicking that is going to go on between your chosen guild and other guilds.  Determine what you’re comfortable with and stick to it.


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