Transferring Between Servers Ain’t Like Dustin’ Crops, Boy!

Well, that was a fairly enjoyable, if gaming-free, weekend.  With the first nice weather in weeks, the museums were mobbed, but we got to see some cool stuff in the Smithsonian and the Newseum.  However, Washington DC continues to live up to its reputation as a city with southern efficiency and northern charm.

My congratulations to the DC Metro (subway) for their innovative maintenance schedule.  It takes true creativity to schedule maintenance in the midst of the DC Cherry Blossom Festival (people come from miles around to look at trees – I’m not making this stuff up).  It could have been worse, I suppose – finding a parking space in DC is like trying to find a winning lottery ticket.

Supposedly, today brings the possibility of transferring off of Ostermark to us poor plebs that infest this misbegotten server.  Ostermark is “the other RP server,” the one with lower population – some would claim a “better” population, but I’ve found people to be pretty much agreeable on other servers as well.  There are two possible destinations for transferring off of Ostermark: Vortex (core) and Phoenix Throne (RP).  So, which to choose?

Historically, I have gravitated towards RP servers because of name enforcement and the general belief that the populations of RP servers are more mature.  I can’t say that I really believe this any longer.  There has been a great deal of drama on Ostermark in the last six months.  Far too much for a simple video game.  If you’ve ever been in a situation where you wanted to reach through your monitor, grab someone by their shoulders, and shake them while yelling “Shut up and play!” then you know what I mean.  I don’t care who likes who, who is a poor player, or who is power-hungry.  When I get home from the office, I want to smite  something.  The time for discussion is over.  If I’m not having fun, then I’ll move on and do something else, which is why I haven’t played on Ostermark for more than a month.  I’ve checked Phoenix Throne, and it seems to have more of the same sort of drama issues that Ostermark has.  In addition, many of the people from Ostermark are going to transfer to PT just because it is a RP server.  If I was moronic enough to walk into that trap again, I’d be qualified to run for a political office.

So, what about Vortex?  It’s a core server, not a RP server.  Having played there for a month, I can confirm that you do run into names like “Slapnutz.”  The funny thing is that “Slapnutz” is probably as good a player as you could get on a RP server, but he or she doesn’t put on airs about how they should be in command, and everything would be fine if people listened to them.  In other words, the egos which spoil RP servers seem to be kept in check.  On the other hand, people don’t lend a halping hand to each other as often.  This isn’t a deal breaker to me, as I prefer self-sufficiency, but it could be a problem for people who are social butterflies.  The attitude on Vortex is more of the “fight now, talk later” type.  Without hesitation, I can say that I’d prefer to transfer to Vortex.

So, where will this leave Ostermark?  It will probably be closed in a few months.  It will be sad for those who insist on staying, but it is very necessary.  The population is just too low to remain viable in the wake of transfers.

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