Get Your Tinfoil Hats Ready

It appears that Mythic is “postponing” transfers off of Ostermark “for one day.”

Admittedly, there has been a huge outcry on both Phoenix Throne and on Vortex about the transfers.  Both servers are afraid that it will turn things into an Order-dominated-zergfest.  I have news for them – having played on Vortex, things are already a zergfest, and the only thing that determines which side is dominating is the time of day.

So, Mythic has begun bombarding us with “you will not transfer” subliminal messages from their secret network of satellites.  It’s not working – I still want off of Ostermark!

In all seriousness, I don’t know why they are delaying the transfers.  I highly doubt that they are concerned about Phoenix Throne or Vortex.  They’ve never given a damn about the destination servers in the past.  I can only assume that there is a problem with the transfer mechanism on Mythic’s systems.

Update: it appears that the reason for the delay was to open transfers from Phoenix Throne to Vortex in addition to allowing Ostermark to transfer to either Vortex or Phoenix Throne.  The idea being that people who had their Destro toons on one RP server and their Order toons on the other can keep their characters intact by moving their PT characters.  All of which means that Vortex is going to get a lot more people.  Though queues are bad, I maintain that a high population is good, at least in WAR.


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