“I’ve Taken a Keep with Five Guys!”

Good for you.  These aren’t the same five guys.  Or did you mean the hamburger joint?

Seriously, the whole “let’s attack the nearest keep because it’s there” thing is starting to wear on me.  People still don’t have a grasp on the capabilities of their characters, and it’s six months after launch.  I did my one-hour painting ritual this morning (Brother Bethor’s robes finally match the more recently painted stuff), and logged in for an hour of WAR before work.

I appreciate enthusiasm, but you have got to temper it with a little bit of experience.  The warband I joined consisted of one group and one extra person (no healer), and we got wiped out by the NPCs at the Crypt of Weapons.  A Warrior Priest then joined us, and we managed to take the two BOs in Ostland.  So, you’d think that we would go take the remaining BOs?  Of course not, it was time to attack Mandred’s Hold!  Three wipes later, I left to go get a shower before heading to the office.

The only reason that I stuck around in violation of my one rule of oRvR is that it was mid-morning on a weekday.  This warband was the only game in town.  At least I got a trickle of renown and influence from taking two BOs, so it wasn’t a total waste.

I have family coming to town over the weekend, so I probably won’t get a lot of game time in.  However, I think I might hit RR18 on Belus.  My lion is keeping his toes crossed.


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