The Great Escape?

I’m stuck at work, still, but I’ve seen a few rumors floating around via the Google Reader feeds from various message boards.  Among these rumors is one which promises free character transfers from Ostermark to Phoenix Throne and Vortex.  While I’d love to believe that this is true, there are two problems that I see.

First, I have not seen this in the feed from the Warhammer Herald as of yet.  Not a big deal, but it makes me suspicious.  Second is the fact that the feeds that I have read place the availability of this transfer service on March 30.  The proximity to April 1 cannot be ignored.  Yeah, I do feel that this whole thing could be an “April Fools” prank.

Addendum: There appear to be official posts on the “official” WAR boards confirming this, so I’m hopeful.  I still won’t believe it for certain until Koljarn is on another server – most likely Vortex.


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