Murphy Was an Optimist

More on-call shift fun.  I got an hour of painting time in this morning, but no gaming.

In other blog news, this post on The Greenskin adequately sums up how I feel about Koljarn and Ostermark.  The server is dead, let me out.  As much as I enjoy tinkering around on my White Lion or my Archmage on Vortex, I miss playing the Engineer.  Additionally, I sunk a lot of time into the character before people started to leave the server for greener pastures.  Geared up, ranked up, and nowhere to go, that adequately describes Koljarn.

40K-wise, I finished drybrushing the robes on the veteran sergeants this morning.  They’re not Golden Demon quality, but they’re tabletop quality, which is enough for me.  I have an old Brother Bethor mini that I’m going to use as the company standard bearer, and I have to go over his robes to make sure that he matches the rest of the Company Master’s retinue.

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