Sometimes, All It Takes Is a Little Push

I got dragged in to work overnight on Monday, less than two hour after I had gotten home.  That was a real treat.  Anyway, after I slept like the dead, I decided to try a little PvE in WAR.

My White Lion was disappointing me for the last week.  It seemed like every time I turned around, I got rooted and nuked to death at range.  Being rank 16, I didn’t have Feline Grace quite yet.  So, I mustered up my courage, and hit the various PQs in Ostland (because I am most familiar with them).  Playing a White Lion in PvE is a very different experience than playing an Engineer.  While you have a pet, you really can’t rely on them to tank.  The lion’s health is too low for that sort of shenanigans.  The one thing that the lion’s taunt does allow you to do is set up a few rear positional attacks.  Other than that, it’s a slug-fest, and a White Lion doesn’t do well when three mobs jump him, though he probably will survive with a sliver of health.  Anyway, I pounded out two ranks and got the associated influence rewards, which were nice upgrades.

After that, I had enough time to do a little more RvR.  I’m not sure if the difference was the new gear or the two ranks, but there was a measurable difference in the performance of the toon.  Of course, now that I have Feline Grace, no one is rooting me any more.  :p

Belus is now closing in on RR18, which is the magic threshold where you can use the oRvR influence rewards, so I’m looking forward to that.  However, I have noticed another strange trend on Vortex – people ridicule others for taking Battlefield Objectives.  I don’t mean that players who dash off and go after the nearest BO instead of an undefended keep are in the right.  I mean that we’d take both keeps in a zone, then we’d leave all of the BOs intact.  If anyone suggested going after any of the BOs, they’d get yelled at.  Bizarre.  Even in the lower tiers, I enjoy the zone control aspect of the game, so I just can’t quite fathom the thought processes that justify ignoring BOs in favor of abandoning a zone that you are getting near locking down and attacking keeps in yet another zone.

In the world of 40K and painting, I’ve just about gotten the robes base coated to the consistency that I want for my veteran sergeants.  Bleached Bone used to be a color of paint that would cover anything.  The new formula that GW uses isn’t as opaque as it used to be, and it has required three coats of paint to cover up black primer.  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s painting the same parts of the same model over and over again.  Keeping the goal in my sights helps, though.  I have been managing to dedicate an hour each day to painting.  It’s slow, but progress gets made, and I can’t ask for more than that.


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