The Words I Have Come to Dread

“Let’s take a keep.”

This is usually said by someone in a tier 2 warband after getting wiped in the open field.  It’s like something short-circuits in their brains.  Here’s a basic fact: if an opposing force has enough firepower to wipe you out in the open field, you have no prayer against a keep which they defend.  And they will defend it – anyone will drop everything to go defend a keep, because it’s a renown and influence gravy train.  I’ve wasted multiple hours in these types of worthless sieges, getting pretty much nothing in the way of experience, renown, and influence for my time.  I decided something last night – when some fool drags the warband into a hopeless siege, I log out and watch television.

Before anyone starts with “it’s just a game,” allow me to agree with that statement.  It is just a game, which is why I feel fine logging out and doing something else.  The real problem is that people don’t seem to realize that it isn’t just their game.  A MMO is a shared experience, and you have to be somewhat mindful of everyone else playing whether you like them or not.  Sometimes I log in to waste an hour or two of my time, but it’s not right for me to go wasting an hour or two of someone else’s time – it’s not my time to waste.

Enough about Vortex and Warhammer.  Brief 40k moment – two of the command squad veterans are mostly done.  At least, their torsos are.  It’s just about time to start on the veteran sergeants, which means painting a lot of bleached bone colored robes.  Any way you look at it, it’s progress – the first painting progress I’ve made on the army in about 5 years.

One Response to “The Words I Have Come to Dread”

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