Questing for Tabletop Software

Last night, I got together with two of my friends and played a little D&D 3.5 via Ventrilo and a browser-based virtual tabletop.  The tabletop is good to have – it lets you send text chat, keep notes, and even has a shared dice server.  However, we had a heck of a time finding software that worked. 

Free plug to – theirs was the only software that was both free, and it worked.  We tried some other software which was very pretty (nice dice animation and visual effect), but when it came right down to it, it did not allow the three of us to smoothly connect.  As that software actually cost us money, we were not impressed.  Also, though two of us work in information technology, we refuse to reprogram our home routers just to accommodate poorly written software and allow direct connections between our computers.  RPGTonight wasn’t without a few bugs, but the text chat and the dice server worked, and those were the most important pieces. 

I also added a little more color to my Dark Angel veterans.  I always enjoyed painting Dark Angels – very easy to paint, and they yield striking results.  Next week I’ll start my night shift, and I’ll have a little more time to work on these models. 

I didn’t get much time to play WAR, though I did log in to Ostermark briefly.  Simply put, it’s a ghost town.  I bought into Warhammer for epic battles, not for one or two group skirmishes.  I’m saddened by the state of the server.


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