Taking It Slow

Quite a relaxing weekend, if I do say so myself.

I played around on Vortex for a little white as my White Lion.  It’s feast or famine in tier 2 – either you have 2 to 1 odds, or the other side does.  If you’re on the short end, it’s better to just log out.  Otherwise it will be an exercise in frustration.  I also logged in to Ostermark and checked things out with Koljarn.  The population there is really hurting.  Order was taking zones in tier 4, but nothing would have been happening at all if it weren’t for the zone dominance system that is in place.  It’s a sad state for what was once a great server.  Still, I miss playing my Engineer – playing a DOT class is almost zen in its simplicity compared to the frantic repositioning of MDPS.

My friends up in New York and Pennsy tried playing D&D v3.5 via the Internet.  Ventrilo makes talking to each other a breeze.  However, the shared desktop software that we were using left something to be desired – it wouldn’t connect to the host server, and none of us really want to program our router for address forwarding, which would be required to host a game on our own.  All we really need is a dice server, anyway.  I’m sure we can come up with something.

I primed the drop-in replacements for my Dark Angels army and undercoated them in black.  I’m not in a rush to get these done – it’s really a project for when I’m on night shift, so my mornings aren’t spent in front of the television.  Still, I’m looking forward to completing them, even though it will mean re-basing about 30 old models to make them look uniform with the new stuff.


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