Gaming Re-Alignment

So, it’s come to this.  I’m going to tone down my time in Warhammer online.  It’s not a satisfying experience for me any longer.  I don’t think that it is Warhammer’s fault – online games in general just aren’t exiting to me right now.  It is probably a little computer game burn-out.

Offline games are starting to pique my interest again.  This Saturday, I’m going to be trying a game of D&D v3.5.  Hopefully, the web client can handle it since we’re going to play it via an online game room (people live too far away for face-to-face gaming).  I’m also assembling a few Dark Angel models for some possible offline wargaming – I’ll need to touch up and re-flock some older models in order to give my army a uniform appearance.  It’ll be nice to have a functional army once again, though.

I also bought a few models for my buddy who lives way up in New York.  I really don’t like the way Games Workshop rakes wargamers over the coals when it comes to pricing.  However, the Assault on Black Reach boxed set is an amazing value, which I can only assume slipped by the people who set the prices at GW because they were stoned.  I’ll assemble the models and send them off to a cheap painting service; I have my own Space Marines to paint.


One Response to “Gaming Re-Alignment”

  1. Thanks for the post – I recently came to the same conclusion, except instead of offline games I’m looking back at those old school adventure games. I wrote a post yesterday called “Online games just… kind of suck.” ( – thought you might be interested. If you have time please leave me a comment with your thoughts.



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