The Only Bitter Rivals Here are Coke and Pepsi

The Bitter Rivals event has come to a close.  Maybe it was because I was down and out with a fever through most of the event, but I wasn’t impressed with this live event.  I’m not particularly thrilled that the Twisting Tower is here to stay, either.  Overall, this event underwhelmed me, even when I did have the time or energy to log in.

At least we have the Slayers and Choppas coming, though.  This will mean a breath of fresh air for the lower tiers.  So, there is a silver lining around this cloud.  I’m still not sure about what tier 1 character I should play – an Ironbreaker, or a White Lion.  Either one will be fun with a bunch of rabid slayers drawing attention away from me.

On the Warhammer 40k tabletop front, I believe that I can get my Dark Angels up and running by painting a mere 5-8 miniatures.  I’ll keep exploring that option – I miss playing the game with my old friends, but I loathe playing 40k with strangers – most people seem to have a competitive streak a mile wide, whereas I’d prefer to kill a six-pack with a couple a friends while we joke about the game.  Competitive players find playing with me to be dull and not very challenging, whereas I find them to be egotistical blowhards.  I’ll have to see if my buddy up in Pennsy still has his Orks, that would be a fun road trip.


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