The Problem with Healers

I got about an hour of RvR in last night after I got home from the office.  It was productive enough – my Archmage is close to R21, and he just hit RR18.  However, I do find that playing a healer – even a hybrid – is much more of a waiting game than playing a DPS class.

When I play Koljarn, one of my White Lions, or even a Ironbreaker, I feel like I can roll out on my own and do whatever I please.  There are few, if any, limits on what I can attempt.  PvE, RvR, I can switch back and forth and be very productive at whatever opportunity presents itself.  When I play Keene, my Archmage, I feel boxed in.  My solo effectiveness is much more limited, whether it is RvR or PvE.  I have to wait for other people to show up in order to be really effective.  That galls me.

Self reliance is vital to MMOs.  Yes, they are social games, and you should play them with other people.  However, it is not their job to be there in order for you to enjoy your experience.  That’s up to you.  If a class forces you into relying on others to provide basic capabilities (such as damage output), then you’re going to end up frustrated.  That’s how I feel when playing Keene, some times.

2 Responses to “The Problem with Healers”

  1. I must agree with you that the healer is an odd character in the Warhammer universe. In most MMOs the healer is not much of a soloer, but groups to gain the benefit of dps and tank (armor). I find most healers in Warhammer only wanting to use the “solo” mentality — healing themselves and ignoring everyone around them.

    I think the designers have made some very poor choices in how they represent healers in the game. I find them to be dull and underpowered. Equally, dying in the game is made effortless and without any penalty. The question I ask is: Its easier to ignore the healers and just die, revive, and run back to battle. Sadly, the healers seem to feel the same way.

    I am amazed how little healers heal — I think they heal themselves more than others. When was the last time I was rezzed, I cannot remember.

    My answer: Give healers experience for healing, but prohibit them from healing themselves. A rezz revives a character at 100 percent health, but simply reviving grants them only 20 percent health.


  2. koljarn Says:

    Well, heals DO give bonus renown and contribution from healing others. As a matter of fact, that’s about the only way that my Archmage gets any significant renown. Healers who don’t heal are – quite frankly – idiots. However, it does show us the danger of giving some people hybrid abilities and none to others.

    If someone can heal and DPS (Disciples of Khaine and Warrior Priests come to mind), then why would they bother assisting anyone else? Are the standard archetypes of tank-DPS-healer really necessary any longer? Should everyone have some hybrid abilities? It raises some compelling design questions.

    As for healers not healing themselves, I don’t know. Maybe it would change their behavior, maybe it would just make them disappear altogether. I have a feeling that it would cause some good healers to stop playing as well as the bad ones.


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