Playing Catch-Up

The worst part about getting sick is having to catch up on things all over again.  I’ve been working this weekend in order to get things back on track in the office, leaving little time for gaming.

What little WAR I have played has been on Vortex – and tier 2 has been deserted.  I would think that there would be more oRvR with the live event going on, but it just isn’t the case.  There are few to no scenarios popping, either.  Ostermark has had a fortress capture at last – Order grabbed a very lightly defended fortress, and Destro seems to have very few active players right now.  I don’t think that it is due to the wait before the Choppa and Slayer are released, either – I make no secret of my belief that Ostermark is in desperate need of a server merge.

Of course, I could be a little jaded – it seems like every two to three days, someone is taking a fortress on Vortex.  Why can’t Ostermark have that sort of activity?


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