That’s No Truck, It’s a Space Station!

That was no chest cold – it was pneumonia.  Not fun, and I was out of everything for a week.  First, I am scrambling to catch up at work, then I will be scrambling to catch up on in-game events.

Being that I could only sit at the computer for an hour at a time before I had to go lay down and cough up a lung, I couldn’t get involved with WAR.  I felt the need to do some gaming, but it had to be something that could be tackled in short blocks of time, unlike a MMO.  So, back to Dawn of War 2 I went.

As I previously mentioned, it’s a nice little game, once you get past the disgusting layers of annoyance – Steam and a Windows Live account.  It’s called Dawn of War 2, but the gameplay is not at all like the original Dawn of War, which was more of a siege-based RTS with limited resource gathering.  In DOW2, there’s no resource gathering on individual maps.  You capture teleport homers for reinforcements to replace losses, and you capture strategic resources which aid your long-term campaign, but that’s it.  Continuing the theme, DOW1 played like an epic game of Warhammer 40k where each side had 5k-8k point size armies.  Huge forces full of dreadnoughts, devastator squads, multiple HQ characters, and the like were possible.  DOW2 plays like your regular 1k-2k point game of Warhammer 40k.  Characters and support are limited resources, not your main line of support.  Finally, I like that most of the environment can be used as cover or blown to rubble, similar to how things were done in Company of Heroes.  Interactive environments are very fun, and can make for different gaming experiences each time you play on a map (and you wil play on identical maps multiple times).

Also, just as in regular Warhammer 40k, I really have no use for assault squads, let alone the three man assault squad that you get in DOW2.  It’s too small to do an actual assault, and can only be used to disrupt incoming or well dug-in enemies.  The scout squad in DOW2 is incredibly powerful, though.  Farm more so than in a game of Warhammer 40k.  Playing missions with the scout squad feels like a game of Kill Team 40k.  A small elite unit versus a bunch of mooks.

All of this has made me want to get my old 2nd edition Dark Angels back in fighting form for the tabletop.  That takes cash, though – Games Workshop stuff isn’t cheap.  I’ll wait and see how things go in the next few month before committing to that.


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