Did Someone Get the Licence Plate Number on that Semi?

I got slammed with a bad chest cold over the weekend, and I have yet to go to work this week.  I spent Saturday through Monday night under several comforters, shivering uncontrollably and coughing.  I didn’t get to log in to WAR until Tuesday night. I still feel like I could use a week of sleep.

Keene, my Archmage on Vortex, made rank 20, and is renown rank 17.  I’d like to get him to renown rank 18 so I can equip the influence rewards, though.  I didn’t have the time to play my White Lion at all, but I did note that you can re-summon your pet for free after dismounting, and the lion cannot be taunted off of a target in RvR, which makes fetch viable again.  I didn’t see anything about summoning on the run, so it looks like that’s out.  Still, the White Lion didn’t get trampled into uselessness like everyone was afraid they would.

The Bitter Rivals event went live; I’m not impressed with farming for more rare drops, but that seems to be the theme with the map fragments.  The glyphed map fragments drop so often that I’m figuring that they serve double duty as toilet paper.  As I’ve decided that I’m not going to make a slayer except on a whim, I won’t bother pursuing this live event as relentlessly as I have gone after others.  There does seem to be a PQ in the Marshes of Madness RvR lake, and that seems interesting.  Still, Keene is close to leaving tier 2, and I won’t be heartbroken if he outlevels that zone.

Tier 2 has been fun in one respect – people on the other side seem to enjoy attacking tanks and ignoring healers.  I know that won’t last, but the feeling of nigh-invincibility has been enjoyable.


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