A Little Experiment

I tried a little something last night.  As my interest in the White Lion has been piqued once again, I started a new White Lion on Vortex.  With my schedule, however, I miss out on prime time RvR, which I rely on to supplement grinding PQs and doing a quest here and there to level up my usual way.  So, I decided to complete every PvE quest in the Blighted Isle and Chrace, just to see how far it could take me.

Truth be told, it got me pretty far.  I finished at level 10, which isn’t too shabby.  The gear that you get from individual quests, however, is less than stellar.  I definitely miss the renown and PQ influence gear.  Although the experience comes in at a good clip, I wouldn’t recommend this route to anyone.  On the upshot, you do get to read all of the little sub-plots in the game.

The White Lion class is, of course, fun to play as ever.  There’s not much of an art to playing one; barrel into a target from behind and use positional attacks until the target dies.  You can use the abilities for a frontal assault with a little more skill, but I’m not big on finesse.  Chalk it up to a lack of patience.


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