Ludio Nocturnum

I had all of two hours over the last two days to log into the game.  Night shift and errands are killing off what little time I get to myself.

I’ve played a little LOTRO as a human guardian.  One of the people I play WAR with says that this class is quite fun and powerful later in the game.  Like all tank classes, it does relatively poor damage, but the class also features potent defenses which make it very hard to kill.  Besides, like any other game, people load up on the DPs classes and are always short on healing and tanking.  While I prefer doing DPS, I’ll settle for tanking.

I did get to play an hour of WAR last night and a little bit this morning.  There was some oRvR action in Praag last night which was fun, if a bit lopsided (Order had an extreme numerical advantage).  I went solo for the first 30 minutes, and was not let down as I got to be a spectator as some people who should have known better chased Destro players back into their warcamp and pulled the guards.  I’ll confess that I got a chuckle out of it.  I briefly logged in and played as my Archmage on Vortex, getting close to level 19.  I’m not doing as much RvR on the Archmage as I would like, but I’m tired of walking after less than two weeks.  Give me the damn horse, already.


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