Um… Nice Kitty?

It would appear that White Lions are not going to be emasculated as much as the initial 1.2 patch notes implied.  Being that I am a DPS maniac, I may have found my true MDPS calling.  Between charge, pounce, and fetch (as long as the non-tauntable pet and one-the-move summons go live), I could fall in love with this class.  I already have a White Lion on Ostermark, but he’s not terribly high level.  Thus, I feel much less guilty about starting a new White Lion on another server.

Koljarn, on the other hand, is doomed to stay on Ostermark unless character transfers are enabled.  I love the simplicity of playing a DOT class, but I can’t grind my way to R40/RR50+ again — it would feel too much like work the second time around.


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