Beer Barrel Polka DOTs

It’s funny, because dwarfs like beer.  And Grenadiers do DOT damage.  Oh, never mind.

Anyway, a lot of classes that use DOT (damage over time) effects seem to have lost the ability to crit with them on the test server.  Some are complaining about it, some are not.  As a primarily DOT using class, I’ll give you my point of view on the matter (whether you want it or not).

DOTs shouldn’t crit.  There, I said it.  I mean DOTs in general.  Not just the DOTs of one class.  The only exception to this is Dissolving Mist/Napalm Grenade, because of the way that the pulses of damage get assigned; each pulse is a separate attack on those toons in the area of effect, rather than a DOT effect that sticks with a character.  You can argue that the mechanics of these two attacks needs to be changed, but that’s something for another post.

Do I have any reasoning behind this conclusion of mine?  Of course, dear reader.  Relax while I elucidate.  DOTs are all about constant damage.  Not burst damage.  DOTs are predictable attacks that weaken a target at a constant rate.  Burst attacks are what delivers the death blow to the target.   It’s the very nature of the two different kinds of attacks.

So, take my crits.  Please.  I won’t miss them much – and they don’t make sense.


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