Contingency Planning

Ostermark continues to slowly degrade for the handful of players with whom I play, and for myself.  There just doesn’t seem to ever be enough people around when we are online.  One time is bad luck, two times is a coincidence, but for this prolonged of a stretch, it is a trend.

As previously posted, a few people and myself have been testing the waters on Vortex and Skull Throne, both of which are much more active when we are logged in.  Unfortunately, this would probably mean an end to playing Koljarn – there are already an abundance of DPS classes on these established servers.  Tanks and healers are always in short supply, so I would end up playing an Archmage or Ironbreaker as my main character.  If I can ever transfer Koljarn off of Ostermark to a more populated server, rest assured that I will do so in a heartbeat.  However, there is a distinct possibility that I will create an Engineer alt on Vortex.

Honestly, I’d rather have created the new characters on Phoenix Throne, which usually has a high population.  However, most of the Destruction players on Ostermark play Order on Phoenix Throne (either as alts or as their main characters).  That would put me in the potential position of being accused of cross-realm spying.  I don’t have time to sort through that kind of baloney, so I’m just going to skirt the whole issue by going to a medium population server instead. If, by some wild chance, these new servers also fizzle in the population department, I suppose that’d be the end of WAR for me.  I don’t have the energy to keep creating and levelling up new characters – it’s too much like work.


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