Multiple MMO Disorder

To fill the tedious stretched of inactivity the Ostermark has been offering its residents, I decided that I’d start characters on two other server and wander around in LOTRO until my trial subscription expires.  The only issue with playing on these  other two core-ruleset servers (Skull Throne and Vortex), is that they already have enough DPS classes.  It looks like these alts are going to be tanks or healers by necessity.

I’m not a fan of healing or tanking.  Both are much more stressful than just laying down some DPS.  When something goes wrong, the tanks and healers always get blamed, even if it wasn’t their fault.  But, I was willing enough to give it a go – even meager scraps like tanking and healing are banquets compared to playing a DPS and standing around doing nothing, because no one needs you.

I decided to play and Archmage and an Iron Breaker on each server, with the emphasis on the Archmage.  The Iron Breakers will be specced for maximum survivability and tanking capability.  They can guard a healer in RvR – it’s not an exciting job, but he can do it.  the Archmagi are going to be Vaul-speced.  There are some decent articles written on these here  and here.

I decided that I could tolerate the Archmagi, because he can be a RDP/healer hybrid, similar to the way that a Warrior Priest is a MDPS/healer hybrid.  An Archmage will never post numbers on par with a true RDPS, but they can at least get involved in the fight — as a matter of fact, the force/tranquility mechanic encourages and rewards it.  Vaul is a tree which debuffs enemies.  It may not be as pure of a healer as the Isha tree, but it has the same effect in the end – your enemies do less damage to begin with.

One of my friends on Ostermark insists that Iron Breakers are THE  premiere tanks for Order.  Knights and Swordmasters are great for RvR, but if you ever need to go into a PvE instance, your preferred tank is an Iron Breaker.  I suppose that he knows his stuff, as he playsan Iron Breaker and a Knight, and also recently started playing a Swordmaster.

For my second shift weeks (I work 1200 to 2100 on a rotating schedule), I think keeping LOTRO around is a good idea, at least for now.  The game really lends itself to solo play and exploration, from what I’ve seen.  The lack of a WAR-style quest tracker on the map still annoys me, but I can live with it for now.

Hopefully, though, Ostermark will have suficient population online from Friday through Sunday for some game time on what I consider to be my home server.


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