If Everyone Knows Where It Is, Is It Really a “Lost Vale?”

Just a quick post regarding last night.  We made a final expedition to Lost Vale for the week, as some of the group will not be available over the next few days.  With a little difficulty, we took down the fiend boss, and she dropped this shiny item:

Darkpromise Rifle

I guess I can finally ditch that old level 39 green that I’ve been toting around.  🙂

Anyway, try as we might, we could not get the spider boss down below 15%.  Our tank (who also plays a level 40 iron breaker), believed that it was simply because the knight of the blazing sun does not have the tools to take the sheer beating that the boss was dishing out.  Not a big deal – for two of the six people in the group, this was their first trip to Lost Vale, so I thought it was fairly successful.

Other than that, not much happened.  I’m just laying low and waiting for the weekend.


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