The Upside of the Decreasing Population

There is a silver lining around this cloud, I suppose.  The regular instance groups are starting to fall apart, because people are nowhere to be found.  I went to the Lost Vale for the first time last night due to the fact that half of the regular group that runs Lost Vale has simply vanished.

Lost Vale appears to be a fairly standard raid instance – chew up the mobs and learn the tricks for the boss fights.  We did it with one of each healer class, a bright wizard, an engineer, and a knight.  Running with one tank and three healers actually worked out well – the healers could concentrate their effort on the tank, and we only had one wipe.  Time constraints kept us from going beyond the second boss, but we performed pretty well – and the combined debuffs from the knight, bright wizard, and engineer made up for the lack of a second melee class.  Synergy is wonderful, when you can pull it off.

Back on the subject of low population (which I seem to keep repeating like a broken record), I took a look at my friends list last night.  Most of these players have not been online for weeks, now.  I understand why some people left – they thought the client was too buggy and/or laggy, they wanted a more PvE-centric game, or they just didn’t like the graphics.  Others have just dropped out over time as Ostermark slowly shrinks in size, probably because the game isn’t fun if you have to log in and wait two hours to get something going.

Anyway, more Lost Vale to follow.  Let’s see what the other fights hold for us.


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