Playing Favorites

After reading this post, I figured it was worth a response.  So, here are my personal faves:

  • Favorite Zone: A lot of zones are atmospheric.  However, Ostland and the Shadowlands are the two zones which combine the best layout with atmosphere.  I have to hand it to the pansy elves, here — the Shadowlands is the best zone, in my opinion.
  • Favorite Race:  I like playing dwarfs.  Elves are okay, in moderation.  However, the Empire is so atmospheric that humans are my favorite race, despite the fact that I rarely get to play a human character.
  • Favorite Career: Grenadier specced engineer, of course.
  • Favorite WAR Feature: PQs are okay, but the Tome of Knowledge is better.
  • Favorite Skill: Napalm grenade.  Heh.  Heheh.  Fire.  Fire is cool.  Heh heh.
  • Favorite Scenario: High Pass Cemetary.  Engineer heaven.  You are necessary for mining the objectives, and can also chuck grenades through the wrought iron fences.
  • Favorite Live Event: I thought Keg End was the best, but I did have spectacular luck with the drops.  I can understand if it upset other players and they enjoyed something else better.

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