The Century Mark

One hundred posts, and nothing constructive to say.  Oh, well, at least it’s a cheap hobby.  I hope everyone had a pleasant Valentine’s day.  But, enough of that.  (War) hammer time.

Now that I’ve caused a number of people some unpleasant M.C. Hammer flashbacks, let’s talk Slayer and Choppa.  You know, these classes haven’t even been released yet, and I’ve already heard moaning that the Choppa is out of balance and needs a nerf.  Good grief, can we at least wait until the class has been released for a month, the way they examined and adjusted the Knight of the Blazing Sun?  I’m sure that everyone will be looking closely at these classes for potential problems.

Another amusing incident from the last week has been people complaining about Engineers  doing too much damage in scenarios.  Uh… yeah, grenadiers do a lot of damage, because most attacks are area of effect. We do a little damage to a lot of people, and it adds up.  It’s a near impossibility for us to kill a tank, though – something that Bright Wizards in my guild routinely do (one of my guildmates cheered for himself in Ventrilo last night every time he soloed a Black Orc).  Why?  Because we do a little damage at a time, our burst damage does not compare.  I’m fine with it, but some people need to stroke their ego, and we Engineers seem to be in their way.

Server population seems to be a popular topic of conversation, also.  Ostermark has been hurting, lately.  The question is whether the presently low population is due to general discontent and boredom, people quitting the game, or if the players are just waiting for the Choppa and Slayer classes.  I have no idea, as I haven’t spoken to anyone who has quit the game recently.  I do feel that we’re due for a server merge, though.  The present situation cannot continue.

On the RvR front, zones have been locked, and the front has moved back and forth at little, but it still remains very difficult to lock a zone.  Grinding low level PQs in order to secure the last few victory points can be annoying.  I’m looking forward to having the new “zone domination” system in place.

Now, for some speculation.  People keep babbling about introducing new races for expansions.  The most popular I hear are Skaven and Lizardmen.  It’s not going to fly, though.  The reason is that Mythic is still kept on a very tight leash by Games Workshop (and rightfully so, Warhammer is GW’s bread-and-butter).  Skaven might be a possibility, though they do really seem to keep to their own battle plans and intervene when it suits their interests, rather than actually allying themselves with anyone.  Lizardmen live across the sea, they’re not even involved in the Old World conflict.  What other possibilities are there?  Undead (Vampire Counts) won’t work, because they oppose Chaos and want to oppress the Empire.  Again,they don’t work well with either side.  I suppose they could add Night Goblins and Wood Elves, but we already have enough elves and goblins, thank you very much.  Still, they would be the easiest races to just drop into the existing environment.  Whatever they choose, I just hope they take their time and do it right.


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