Heavy Meta (Gaming)

Sometimes, it’s almost not worth going over what happened the night before.

To make a long story short, Koljarn woke up, ran around capturing undefended BOs and keeps in Eataine and Reikland, then I hit the sack.  Very few Destruction showed up – which makes taking objectives easy, but makes the game a little dull.  I’m not saying that I want every BO or keep to be an epic battle, but one large fight per night would be nice.

There was an open warband – someone in my guild apparently also shares my sentiments about closed warbands.  Not surprisingly, the open warband eventually filled out.  Imagine that, people will join a warband given a choice.    The groups were set up for scenarios, and we did queue, but none ever popped for us until I was about to log out for the night.  I logged out anyway, scenarios being low on my list of things to do.

As I said, it was pretty dull.  So, moving on.

Let’s talk about something a little off-kilter.  Metagaming.  To metagame is to play a game within a game.  I’ve heard people grumbling about metagaming, lately.   The argument  I’ve heard – and one that does not hold water, as far as I’m concerned, is that since Ostermark is a RP server, going out of your way to specifically do the only the things which lock zones is metagaming, and it has no place on a RP server.

Hold up, there.  We’re talking apples and oranges.  I don’t care if Ostermark is a RP server, WAR is no role playing game.  In a real role playing game, your actions are open-ended, meaning you can attempt to do anything.  In WAR, the only way you can affect the outcome of the WAR effort is through capturing BOs and keep, scenarios, completing PQs, and killing enemy characters.  There can be no severing of supply lines, no daring raids on an enemy command post, or anything out of the Dirty Dozen.  You are given a rigid framework, and you have to play within that framework.  Too restrictive?  Look me up and we’ll play a good old fashioned game of AD&D set during the Greyhawk Wars, and you’ll get your fill of daring and swashbuckling.  Want to kill someone in a video game?  Keep playing WAR.

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