Anti-Social Behavior

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a social butterfly.  I keep to myself and a small circle of friends.  I’m definitely do not possess an outgoing personality.  However, the last two days on Ostermark have been ridiculous.

This behavior stretches back more than two days, though.  What I’m talking about is people creating private warbands.  They go off and do their own thing, and expect everyone to support them and work with them despite the fact that they are not communicating or helping anyone else.  I’m not talking about people who form a group to do scenarios and run around the RvR lakes while they wait for scenarios to pop – I’m talking about people who form a closed warband of two or three groups, attack keeps, and complain in region chat after they get wiped by defenders.  That’s a fictional example based on some of the events of the last week, especially the last two days.

As far back as tier 1, people have recognized that warbands are more than a big raid group.  They are a tool for communication.  Even if no one is typing, other warband members can tell when people are taking damage and move to support them.  Communication is more important than people seem to realize – you need to organize things when you have so many people in the field.  Otherwise, they just run around and do their own thing, which is exactly what has been going on lately.

What is the solution?  Simple, don’t form a closed warband unless you are doing scenarios.  If you insist on forming a closed warband and then do not communicate with everyone in the RvR channel, then don’t whine when no one moved to support you.


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