Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust That Day.

Monday is always slow in WAR.  It’s as if people are still hung over from the weekend.

Koljarn woke up and scouted all three active RvR zones in tier 4.  Dragonwake aws the only active place.  Not a problem, I kinda like the place.  So, I jumped into the only open warband and headed off to fight at the Covenant of Flame keep.

There was another group laying siege to the keep when we passed, so I hung around while the warband I was in ran to the Destruction warcamp a few times, and eventually headed back to the keep.  There were a handful of defenders – I’d put it at 8 players.  The, someone starting complaining that we were attacking a defended keep and said that we should go farm battlefield objectives.  Two warbands versus two understrength groups?  Good Lord, if you can’t stomp that sort of resistance flat, you really need help.

Anyway, there was a bit of complaining, but we stayed until some people wandered off (presumably to go after said BOs) and Destruction reinforcements showed up.  The warband pulled out of the keep, and I decided it was a good time to take a dinner break.  After I got back, the rest of the evening degenerated into random skirmishes.  Also, no one opened their warband – everything was private, so I went solo for the rest of the night, mostly hanging out at Drakebreaker’s.  There were a few  fights nearby, but without support, I could only get involved once in a while and keep the siege engines repaired.  I did get to dump oil on some people once, so I got a few kills.

Other than that, it was a dull night.  Monday is an ideal night for instance run – I find it strange that more people do not organize them.  Maybe I’ll start next week.


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