Some Things I’d Like to See

Just some musing on Engineer abilities.  Specifically, the siege abilities.  They really leave something to be desired, in my opinion.

First off, let’s talk gates.  Sitting back and throwing grenades, is… well, it lacks force.  Engineers are masters of explosives.  Why don’t they just use a big old bomb? Or a shaped charge, if you think that dwarfs would have that sort of technology?  It makes more sense than just buffing a ram every few minutes.

I like the idea that the proximity alarm tactic presents, but I don’t think it does quite enough.  An audible klaxon should sound when an enemy player gets near the turret.  It would make deploying a turret near a postern gate much more useful.  I can wait for a turret set to aggressive to start lobbing grenades when someone comes through a postern door, but a klaxon would be more in keeping with the steampunk theme, and would make the proximity alarm almost worth using, as it would also warn other players.  Right now, it’s not that impressive of an ability.

Lastly, what about an oil slick?  No, not a flaming oil slick – we have napalm for that.  I mean an oil slick which you could dump on stairs or ramps to slow an enemy charge.  Maybe not the best solo ability, but it would be a pretty good keep defense ability.

Anyway, I was just doing some brainstorming.  I don’t expect Mythic to ever implement any of this stuff.  But, a dwarf can dream.

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