Saturday was pretty Decent for Order

It was a surprisingly decent Saturday, as far as Warhammer goes.

Order had a good turnout – at least two warbands made an appearance.  Unfortunately, those warbands were not communicating and working together effectively.  Still, through a little luck and some effort, we locked Dragonwake.

Order also did fairly well in the few scenarios I played.  If you have read this blog, you know that I have no use for scenarios except for farming renown.  I know that some people like them because the number of players per side is equal.  I find that argument to be invalid – if your side is outnumbered in open RvR, then use the terrain to your advantage, or move to another zone and press the attack there.  Like I keep saying, to me, this game is all about taking and holding real estate.  Scenarios are just too canned for me to take seriously.

Koljarn earned renown rank 52, and keeps inching forward.  It’s a long road, but the journey makes it worthwhile, not the destination.  If I were to hit renown rank 80 tomorrow, I’m not sure what I would do.


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