Home Again, Home Again

If you consider Dragonwake to be home, that is.

Sunday was a decent day of WAR, but not as good as Saturday.  People on Ostermark are throwing tantrums again.  Everyone thinks that they have the best method of leadership, and gets petulant when people don’t follow their template for success.  As one of the players in the trenches instead of a commander or officer, I find the whole activity infuriating.

Anyway… I started the day with some PvE.  I got my white lion up to level 24.  I’m holding off on any tier 3 RvR until I get the heal reduction ability from the axeman line.  I don’t know if the white lion is really a good idea, but I can’t resist the thought of eventually getting to rank 40 and getting the Fetch ability.  Aside from that, I’d be better off playing a Slayer, when it gets released.

After ranking up the white lion alt, I decided that it was time to wake Koljarn up and see what was going on.  I played around in Altdorf and finished the Live Event stuff.  Hooray for small victories!  Anyway, I heard some noise about activity in Caledor while I was hunting the last of the witch elves down, so that’s where I headed.

The zone had been pretty much taken by Destruction, but a few people were still trying to skirmish outside of the Order warcamp.  Not having any other plans, I joined in.  We kept get thoroughly drubbed, but people began to trickle in.  We came close to losing the zone a few time, but we were able to snag some of the battlefield objectives.  By now, we had two warbands, and we laid siege to both keeps in the zone concurrently.  Following this up with a more successful than unsuccessful scenarios, we actually locked the zone for an attack on Fell Landing.

Of course, we didn’t take the fort.  No one on Ostermark has managed to take a fort, yet.  Still, it was great just showing people that Order was still alive.  So, we took the fight to Dragonwake, took the objectives and keeps, and came close to locking it again.  It was getting late, though, and people went off and did their own thing.  No big deal.

I capped the night with a few scenarios.  Yeah, I hate them, but they are a great way to farm renown.  Some people insist that oRvR is a big renown farming activity – scenarios are far quicker.  And I finished the night at renown rank 53.  So, it was worthwhile.  🙂


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