So, What Is the Endgame?

A few of us had a discussion in Ventrilo last night.  What exactly is the endgame in WAR?  It certainly looks to be a mishmash of PvE and RvR, capped off with more PvE.  Certainly more PvE than many people are interested (or willing) to do.

Let’s start with when you get to rank 40.  Mythic touted the idea that there were multiple ways to get experience and gear up.  Well, you can get experience through RvR, this much is true.  I got through much of tier 2 and tier 3 that way.  In tier 4, I pounded my through a great deal of PvE in order to just get to 40 and train the last few abilities.  I suppose I could have just done RvR, but I wanted to finish the grenadier tree.

After 40, it’s a different game.  It’s all about gear.  You can get the Annihilator armor set by relentlessly attacking keeps at every opportunity. That’s how I got it.  The PvE equivalent is much hard to co come by, because of the lockout timer on instances.  By design?  I don’t know, but it’s a minor (yet annoying) issue for those who want to get a Bloodlord set.

Assuming that you get your full Lesser Ward armor set, then you need to upgrade to Greaater Ward stuff.  The wards will only come into play in an enemy fortress, enemy city, or in the endagme instances.  So, on the off chance that you want to particiapate in an attack on the enemy city, you have the choice of repeatedly attacking fortresses or raiding the PvE city instances.  Hitting the instances is much, much easier than taking fortresses.  On Ostermark, a fortress has yet to fall.  Raiding the city instances is repetitive and annoying, as the mobs can and do bug out,ruining the entire instance run.  Given the near impossibility of taking a fortress, you really have little choice except to raid the instances.  PvE your way to Greater Ward stuff.

Now that you have a full set of Greater Ward armor, you’ll and to get your Superior Ward stuff.  You have a chioce of farming the enemy city (which, of course, require two consecutive successful fortress raids), or you can raid the Lost Vale PvE instance.  Again, it’s much easier to get the armor set (Dark Promise) from Lost Vale.  More PvE.

So, you finally have your Superior Ward stuff?  Do you know what that qualifies you to do?  More PvE in an enemy city.  Assuming you ever get past two fortresses, you have to do PQs until your eyes bleed.  Strangely, another option is to hope that the enemy attacks your city, then defend via PvE in the defensive PQs.  Defenders get the same drops as the attackers.

Yes, the endgame of Warhammer is PvE.  I’m not judging the game on this – some PvE is fine with me, anyway, though I do prefer a mix of RvR and PvE.  It does infuriate some people, though.  The only part that bothers me is that Ostermark is such a low to medium population server that I’m not likely to see much of this endgame.  I might get into the Lost Vale, but I don’t expect there to be an attack on either city, ever.  That’s what bothers me – not seeing this content.  I paid for it, and I will never see it.  That’s unfortunate.

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