Like North Dakota

This has been an annoyingly hectic work week.  Not that my own job is that bad – it’s just that one person in the office took a vacation, and no one else is even willing to touch their job, so I get tasked with it because I’m not afraid of computers.  So, I’ll be doing my own thing, and three people come up and stand right at my damn desk and wait to be served like its Burger King or something.

Anyway… Warhammer.

Everyone has read the numbers by now.  The sky is falling, and all that.  I have to say that there is  an issue with low population on Ostermark.  You can wander around and not see anyone in entire zones.  I’ve been told that most people in my own guild have basically abandoned their primary characters and are messing around on alts, thus creating an illusion of critically low population to those of us still in tier 4.  From my point of view, it is no illusion.  People will mess around on alts anyway.  If the population is too low to support the alts and the main characters as well, then there is a problem.

Last night, I got involved in a little oRvR is Praag.  It took about 2 hours for people to finally show up, and we stripped all other tier 4 zones to field the warband.  We had a few good fights there, so it was nice while it lasted.  Then, a few guildmates tried to get me to join a Crypts run they were forming.  I spent another hour waiting for a healer, who never appeared, so I logged out.  It was pretty frustrating, and again appeared to be a result of insufficient population.

Much as I hate to say it, I’d transfer off of Ostermark to a higher population server, given the chance.  Warhammer is only a playable game if there is a significant population of players on both sides.  Right now, it is lacking.


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