Short, Controlled Bursts

I popped in for an hour or so last night to do a little RvR.  I’m not sure if we were pushed back from Caledor or if we managed to lock it down to attack Fell Landing again, but I found everyone fighting in Dragonwake.

I have to confess that I actually like Dragonwake in the same way that I like Praag.  There are twists and turns, dead ends, and bridges.  Yes, it makes for some close quarters fighting, but it also lets you screen your movements a little more effectively.  I find Caledor to be more claustrophobic than either Praag or Dragonwake.

Anyway, there was a minor Destruction presence in Dragonwake.  I think it consisted of two groups in a PUG warband, plus one six-person premade group looking for pre-arranged fights.  I’m not a fan of the present trend of pre-arranging fights between particular groups.  I was never an arena player in WoW, and I just don’t see the appeal.  In this case, I think it hurt the understrength Desrtuction warband quite a bit, because they didn’t seem to be working or communicating with the pre-made group.

Anyway, after we wiped out the small Destruction warband, we finished taking all of the objectives in the zone, and then it was time for me to log out.  Another short night, but time is in short supply this week.


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