Monday Night Quickie

Got online briefly last night.  There was a little activity in Caledor.  We took one of the keeps and all of the BOs, but the remaining keep was just too well defended for our warband composition.  In order to take a keep that well defended, you need to abuse the crowd control system with the disable/knockdown abilities – it’s the only way that Destruction can break us in similar situations, and it’s the only way that we can break them.  Low cunning dictated that we leave the keep and try our hand at a little open-field RvR.  We got a couple of minor skirmishes going, but most of the Destruction force was content to hole up in the keep and wait for an attack.

Personally, I was not willing to take part in an obvious exercise in futility, and I took the rest of the evening off.  I’m getting more selective in my battles – I’ll choose ones that have a reasonable chance of success within a reasonable timeframe.  And I still refuse to queue up for scenarios, except as a desperation move.


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