The Name Game

An acquaintance of mine on Ostermark has told everyone that he is going to let his subscription expire because of two things.  First, he has observed increased casting time of his spells, which he perceives as a stealth nerf.  Second, Mythic forced him to change his name.  I can’t speak from much experience on the case of the stealth nerf – if the abilities of the class (Warrior Priest) have been re-balanced, then so be it.  Send feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, it’s the only way that Mythic will know what’s working and what is not.  Regarding the names, however….

Ostermark is a Role Play server.  There’s not much role playing going on in WAR – online games are not the best medium for that sort of game.  However, RP servers are chosen by people who want a little more immersion and a more mature atmosphere.  That maturity of the population is certainly in question lately, as there has been more than a little whining, crying, foot stomping, and general temper tantrums that I’d expect to see from a two year old child.  However, the naming rules have been in print since day one, and you need to agree to then in order to generate a character on a RP server.  Which is where I get puzzled.

People go into a RP server knowing the rules regarding names, yet some of them chose specifically non-RP names. I don’t mean names lie “Bob” or “Fred,” which are just boring names.  I mean names like “Eatmyshorts” or “Idiotsauce.”  Okay, I made those two up, but I have seen the like.  You will be able to name you character that way.  You will be able to play under that name for a while.  Eventually, though, the Mythic Name Police WILL catch up to you and force you to change your name.  It cannot be a surprise to anyone who has read and agreed to the rules for RP servers.

Which brings me to my current state of bemusement.  Why do people insist that their names should be allowed, when they are obviously in violation of the TOS (Terms of Service)?  Why do people think that they will never be caught?  And why do people, fully cognizant of their violation of the TOS, get so shocked and outraged when they get the inevitable notice from Mythic?


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