Requiem for a Weekend

A little of this and a little of that over this past weekend.  Some WAR, some TV, and (of course) the Super Bowl.

Did a little open RvR, but it ended up being mostly farming undefended BOs and keeps.  We did manage to corner a numerically inferior Destruction warband and wipe them in Praag, but we never saw more than that.  While the renown is nice, it was rather mechanical.  Despite that, I refused to sign up for scenarios – the venom that gets hurled by both sides regarding perceived exploits and cheating is getting ridiculous, to the point where some people accuse the other side of cheating if they lose.

On the PvE front, I’m up to 4/5 pieces of greater ward gear (woohoo!).  I don’t have the gloves, but I can always buy a pair of Conqueror’s or Invader’s work gloves.  I’m looking forward to seeing the inside of the Lost Vale, soon.  Did a little work on two alts – my White Lion and a Knight of the Blazing Sun.  Only enough to earn each of them an additional rank.

I availed myself of the free movies that my FIOS provider offers.  When all else fails, watch a horrible horror movie.  I subjected myself to Last House on the Left and Killer Pad.  The former is notable for being one of Wes Craven’s first films, but not much else.  The latter is a comedy-horror that ends up being a horrible comedy.  I don’t recommend either film, even for camp value, but that’s just a personal opinion.

Of course, Sunday was the day of the Super Bowl.  It was a far better game than I expected.  My stepsister ought to be pleased with the outcome – she’s a bit of a Steelers fan.

And that’s another requiem for a lost weekend.

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