There Can Be Only One

I’m a surly, rude, foul mouthed, and angry man.  Yet, even I have more etiquette than what I’ve been seeing in warbands lately.

OK, let’s put this plainly: if join join someone’s warband, you are not the leader of said warband unless you are promoted to warband leader, or the leader of the warband asks you to command the warband.  I don’t care if you’re the next Norman Schwarzkopf.  If you can’t follow the guidelines that the warband leader is giving you, then leave the warband and form your own.

I’m not trying to imply that warband leaders can do no wrong.  I’ve seen many flawed plans from different warband leaders.  That’s OK.  Sometimes just following and acting as a group is enough, despite poor tactical decisions.  Also, I’m not saying that you need to shut up and follow orders.  Feel free to offer advice, so long as you aren’t spamming the warband chat channel.  Extra input and information is always useful to everyone.  Just keep it in check, so you don’t distract people.

So, why else shouldn’t you take the reins of a warband if you’re a better leader, or maybe you just don’t like doing what thewarband leader is asking?  Because you’ll end up splitting the efforts of the warband.  Some of the people will follow you, and some will do what the warband leader is already asking them to do.  Which means that everyone fails. 

I know it’s just an online game, but a little respect goes a long way.

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