At the Mercy of the Night Shift Gods

Part of why I despise working second shift hours is that it absolutely kills prime time gaming.  There are real life scheduling issues that occur, also, but I’m going to focus on WAR time.

WAR is a game where you have to play at the same time that other people are playing.  It’s not optional – there is no realm versus realm without another realm.  Frankly, by the time I get home and log in, not only is there no opposing realm, my realm is blissfully sleeping as well.  It makes for frustrating game sessions.

Last night, we scraped enough people together to take a few Battlefield Objectives, but that’s the most we could handle – there was not a single tank online among the total of 9 (yes, nine) level 40 Order characters on the server.  Seven of the characters joined us, meaning that we had almost all of the level 40 population that Ostermark’s Order faction had to offer – more than enough to take out a BO hero, but medium armored “tanks” will fold against a keep lord without insane amounts of healing.

Dark Age of Camelot featured courier quests – basically, an escort/fed-ex type quest to make sure that a courier reached a particular keep safely.  Maybe WAR needs something like this so the people who play at off-peak times have something to do that actually impacts on the war effort.  It doesn’t sound half bad, in retrospect – I think I’ll send feedback to Mythic when I get home and log in.


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