Dashing through the Snow

It’s been a relatively quiet two days.  We had a moderate snowfall in Virginia, so I took a day off.  I’m not afraid of driving in the snow — I’m afraid off all the Virginia drivers out there driving in the snow.

Anyway, let’s see….  I did a few more scenarios (which I loathe, but it seems to be the only way to ensure that there are a few Order around at the same time), and there was an attack on the Shining Way fortress last night (which I missed).  I always get a little nervous when people talk about Shining Way fortress, because it sounds a little too similar to “Shining Path” for my tastes.

In any case, the fighting has moved out of Eataine and back to Dragonwake.  Since Eataine is so wide open and encourages the use of a massive zerg, I can’t say that I’m saddened to a return to Dragonwake.  Actually, I rather like Dragonwake the most out of the three Elf zones.  The bridges and narrow paths make it more interesting.  The scenario hounds hate it because the Serpent’s Passage scenario seems to still be the only one which starts up, and they are sick of it.  I’ll admit that I don’t mind Serpent’s Passage, but that’s because I don’t play scenarios because I enjoy them — I play scenarios to farm renown.

RANT: There was a little inter-guild politicking last night which I overheard on my guild’s Ventrilo server.  I have to say that I don’t approve of any of it at all.  I have no desire to be anyone’s cannon fodder, of course, but neither do I have any use for a dose of righteous indignation.  I have plenty of that left over from my work day and commute.  If you really think that someone has a big ego that is getting out of control, there’s no reason to fuss with other people over it – roll your eyes and move on.  What I feel amusing is that I am notorious for poor “people skills” (thus why I work in Information Technology rather than another field), but even I have more diplomacy than what others have been exhibiting of late.  There, rant over.  I feel better.


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