Complaints Department, Take a Number and Go Away

Some people who read this blog, or play alongside me on Ostermark may have noticed that Koljarn is dour, grumpy, irritable, and morose.  Well, I suppose it’s time to come clean: it’s not Koljarn, it’s Koljarn’s player.

I’m a grognard, in multiple senses of the word.  I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs and wargames for decades.  I remember when White Dwarf was just a gaming magazine from Great Britain, and when it had some awesome D&D articles and adventures.  I remember when Car Wars was new and popular.  Tabletop games these days are a lot more slick than they once were, with pricey art and even pre-painted miniatures.  Kids these day don’t know how good they have it!  <shakes his cane menacingly>

I also need to vent my spleen from time to time.  OK, rather often.  I gripe, grumble, and rant unapologetically all the time.  Any moment of foolishness of anyone’s part (even myself) has the potential to launch me into a tirade of legendary proportions.  If I seem rough around the edges at times, it’s probably because I am.

So, if you hear me mutter a five minute sting of obscenities on Ventrilo (I always mutter, I’m not one for yelling), or if you read this blog and think I’ve gone completely bitter on the game and life in general, you just have to keep it in perspective.  I don’t just play a dwarf in WAR, I have a lot of the dwarf attitude in real life.

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