Leadership and Communication

I’ve risked my life by reading the Ostermark forums on WHA.  Reading the forums will give ya brain cancer.  I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.

What made me take notice, however, was a few posts on organization and strife between alliances.  Some people just want to vent, but others really seemed to have an interest in improving organization and leadership.  That got me to thinking, which is usually a dangerous activity.

Order on Ostermark is a collection of alliances and guilds that have their own individual ideas on what the goal of the endgame must be.  When others do not pursue the same endgame goals, people get their hackles up and go on the attack.  MMOs breed this sort of behavior, because people are so invested into the game, time-wise.  So, what does Order/Ostermark really need to get things together?

Personally, I think that all we need is communication.  Everyone can agree that the endgame revolves around attacking the opposing capitol.  If people knew that they were contributing towards that goal, they’d be willing to follow just about any reasonable instructions given to them.  Giving orders to a group of strangers and expecting them to follow them because you said so will yield poor results.  It only takes a moment to tell people why they have to go to a valley and wait for the signal to move out, or if they are being asked to delay a superior force as a viable distraction.  Everything needs to fit into the larger picture, or players will feel like they are wasting their time.

Does this mean that leaders will need to actually talk to their warbands?  Yes, but it’s not like they have to be cheering them on.  Just tell them why something is important, and people will try to achieve the objective presented to them.

Scenarios are contests of raw PvP skill and group organization.  Full oRvR is a contest of strategy, movement, and co-ordination.  That means that you have to decide what your goals are, and work towards them together.  And that’s the difference between PvP and RvR.


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