Personality Archetypes

They exist in just about every guild I’ve been in.


The Big Mouth: The person who keeps shooting their mouth off, even after everyone has told them to shut up.

The Asshat: The person who goes out of their way to spoil something in-game for someone else, just because they can.

The Administrator: This person is excellent at organizing and keeping track of things, yet lacks any leadership ability. Which is unfortunate, because they are usually an officer.

The Cheerleader: There’s almost always some person who, regardless of their abilities, can lift everyone’s spirits a little.


If you’re really lucky, you’ll end up with one or both of these:

The Tactician: This person seems to sleep with a copy of The Art of War under their pillow, and is always looking at the terrain for defensible ground.

The Leader: This person inspires people to follow them, regardless of the outcome. Maybe they are just outgoing. Maybe they inspire people. Maybe they just get results.


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