Friday Has Arrived

After a fun-filled day at the dentist’s office, I hunkered down for a little open RvR.  Happily, there was a little bit of activity going on in the Chaos Wastes and Kadrin Valley.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last.  A good number Order traipsed off to PvE when the last Battlefield Objective fell.  I went from running solo because there was no room in any warband to running solo because I really was solo.

So, since I have not been assigned to a PvE group in the guild due to the fact that they are short on tanks and healers, I went over my options.  I could have gone to farm water and leech drops in order to make more healing potions.  I could also have gone around working on quests.  However, I felt like I needed a little more progression, and if I could not upgrade my gear then I could at least grab a little renown.

So, decision made, I hit the scenario queues.  Playing in a scenario PUG is like choosing a blind date from a freak show.  Most of the time, you end up with scary results, such as the scenario I ended up running with no tanks or healers.  On rare occasions, you end up with a cute girl who also happens to be a contortionist.  Score!

After several hideous games of Serpent’s Passage (which still garnered me about 2k renown per game, so maybe they weren’t so hideous in afterthought), I blundered into a mostly pre-made group doing the Maw of Madness.  It’s not my favorite scenario – even when we do well, I get only a sliver of renown.  However, these games were lasting less than five minutes, so the rate of renown gain was actually nice.

It turned out that these folks were trying to lock the Chaos Wastes – and they succeeded.  Some people were not so happy.  I approached it the same way I thought about the last few times we attempted to take a fort: by clearing my mind of all expectations, and deciding to just enjoy the experience.  We didn’t take the fort, of course.  We really didn’t have the organization.  That was OK, though.  I still enjoyed myself, and I also enjoyed the brief romp through Praag that followed.


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