Well, It’s an Improvement

Interestingly enough, almost two warbands of Destruction decided to make a showing last night in Eataine.  For almost an hour, our single warband fought about 1.5 times our number at the central Battlefield Objective.  It was a fun, if pointless, fight.  Now, if only more Order would start to show up again.

After the warband broke up, I fired up the DVD player, also known as the PS3.  I don’t play many console games,  As a matter of fact, I just bought the PS3 because it’s a pretty darn good blu-ray player.  However, I have been playing the Penny Arcade adventures, and I really enjoy the twisted humor contained therein.

Other than that, it was a quiet evening last night.  The Inauguration made my commute a little more interesting than I like, so I called it a night early in order to make up for lost sleep (had to get up two hours early).  Let’s see what tonight brings – hopefully some more open RvR!


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