Warriors, Come Out to Pla-ay!

70’s film reference FTW!  In spite of the fortress siege over the weekend, I believe that I’ve noticed a dwindling number of people in RvR on Ostermark.  I’m hoping that it’s just a Winter slump and not an overall trend.  Otherwise, it could mean trouble — it’s hard to enjoy a RvR game when your “realm” is just a handful of people.

This could very well be limited to Ostermark.  A lower population server has less activity than a more crowded one.  Sometimes, people leave the less populated server because there’s more action somewhere else.  This can become a vicious circle, with even more people leaving the low population server.

Another possibility is that people are grinding away at PvE for Sentinel and Dark Promise gear.  Since fortress captures just don’t seem to happen on Ostermark, the only option for gearing up is via PvE.  Which takes players out of the whole RvR scene. Sadly, this means that everyone is going to need to hit the PvE stuff, prolonging the weak RvR populations.   Annihilator is a great set, but if everyone else is sporting Dark Promise, you’re definitely under-geared. 

So, let’s hope that the situation improves.  Because I’m not starting from scratch on Phoenix Throne, dammit!

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