One Thing that Really Torques Me

Hey, wrench humor!  Ha!  OK, drop the pitchforks and torches.  I really do have a gripe.

A few people that I have run into on Ostermark lately have been complaining that engineers have the audacity to try to do damage rather than just dedicate themselves to the art of the electromagnet.  Boo hoo.  I may have gone and shed a tear for those folks.  On the other hand, it may have been the chili I ate last night “repeating.”  I’d better open a window before the plants begin to wilt.

I’m glad these people are around.  Really.  After all, I wouldn’t have any idea that I was playing the game “wrong” if it weren’t for them.  Oddly, playing the game “wrong” works very well in keep defenses and for throwing additional damage on an enemy tank wall when trying to take a defended keep.  Strange how a little AoE wrongness screws up a cluster of enemy healers and ranged DPS.  And in a bizarre twist of fate, playing in such an incorrect fashion is… fun.

So, to all you dopes who yell at me for “taking the role of a bright wizard,” you can kiss my keg.  To all of those jackasses who try to tell me that my only job is to spec into electromagnet, you can generate an engineer and do it yourself.  I’m a grenadier for (virtual) life.


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