Fun, Despite the Chaos (Not the Faction)

Play time this weekend was spotty due to real life errands intruding on my sacred WAR time.  However, what time I did have online was generally enjoyable.  Oh, and another notch in Koljarn’s belt – he hit renown rank 48.

On the PvE side of life, we have managed to take out Brauk and Skrot, who were keeping us from completing that third of the Warpblade tunnels.  The trick lies with the tanking.  The tank must find the perfect location to engage the two boss mobs so that he does not get knocked back and does not expose his flanks at all.  They must remain completely immobile.  If the tank moves, they seem to take an incredible amount of damage very quickly.  So, now all I need to do is actually begin to get some Sentinel drops, and then I can access some new content.

On the RvR front, Order on Ostermark is losing their coherency and organization.  We did unlock the Butcher’s Pass fortress on Saturday.  However, Order got into position in the fortress so slowly that we were more than 20 minutes into the timer before we attempted our first assault on the fortress lord.  We had the people in Black Crag, they just took too long to get to the fort.  Destruction had a very weak presence in the fort for the first fifteen minutes.  We could have and should have taken the fort.  Likewise, Sunday demonstrated a lack of cooperation between warbands in Chaos Wastes with petty bickering between different alliances.  We had some rather awesome open field fights and keep defenses, but the politicking, whining, and frothing berserkerism spoiled things a little.

I think it’s time for Order to convene a new inter-alliance summit ASAP.

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